Clinics: GCR Products
Clinics: GCR Products

About the GCR International Accreditation

  • GCR International Accreditation means that clinic has been officially proven to be above international standards.

What does GCR International Accreditation mean?

  • It shows that clinic has been officially monitored, independently checked on quality, and is using the data collected by the GCR to help them improve the level of expertise, facilities, services, and patient care.
  • It shows that clinic has demonstrated that they provide the same or higher quality of treatment as all other clinics that display the GCR accreditation star.

When we built the Global Clinic Index and rated clinics in almost every country of the world, our team discovered that about 10% of clinics around the globe follow a similar high standard of services, expertise and facilities provided, as well as a high rating from previous patients.

This was indeed a great achievement for each clinic, even though they didn’t realize that other top clinics in other towns and countries ran their clinics in a very similar way.

Therefore we decided to give clinic owners access to our database so that they could learn for other clinics, see areas of improvement needed, and improve their GCR Score.

For those clinics who felt that their GCR Score was an incorrect representation of their standards, by becoming GCR officially accredited, we personally verified all the information that we had on their clinic, allowed them to improve on anything that was stopping the GCR Rank from rating them higher, with usually resulted in a much better GCR Score.

Since then the “GCR International Accredited clinic” seal on hundreds of clinic websites, marketing materials and seen displayed at the clinic location assures patients, other doctors, and insurers that all patients receive quality care of a standard reaching the top 10% clinics that we have reviewed within the same country.

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